Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first published children's book!

I illustrated this book for Charlie Young 楊采妮's story 小黃花要堅強 (Be Strong! Little Yellow Flower) for Hope Education Foundation.
Charlie is a super gorgeous and friendly Hong Kong celebrity who is very devoted to charity work : ) 

The money goes to charity so don't hesitate to get a copy cause you'll be helping kids around the world!


Charlie's blog article:

A preview of some images in the book.


dreamicandi said...

Love your drawings!!! Too bad we can't get a copy here in Vancouver!

Keep up the awesome work! So proud of ya, Grace! <3

To said...

Awesome job grace!!! Love those colors~ Did you use pastel? I'm so jealous that you got published!!!

Winnie said...

awesome job gracie!!! keep up the good works

and wow, it was for... 楊采妮!!!!!

Candy Yung said...

I got a chance to look at your book at Andy's! It is amazing! Congrats! And I agree pucky 必定前途無可限量!