Thursday, April 2, 2009

【德福廣場 Viva !兔樂遊】Telford Viva! Happy Rabbit Tour

Eleven 5 feet tall bunnies designed by 10 HK illustrators will be exhibited at 德福廣場 on 4/5.
I was luckily chosen to be one of the illustrators and will get to see the beautiful
劉心悠 again!


To said...

hey Pucky~ Congrats on the rabbit tour and have a lot of fun :)
Btw I just went to the 3x3 site and realized both the students show and the professional show has closed. I remember I sumbitted a long time ago and it was near the deadline, but I think you should still check the magazine out at bookstores because the works they choose are awesome unlike those generic illustrations.

Pucky said...

Hey To Thanks for letting me know!
I checked out their new talent gallery on the website and most of the works are quite brilliant, I'll watch out for the next Issue! Good luck!